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We are not alone

We are not alone

Parents who have children with special needs and disability faces problems of social isolation, exposure to discrimination, lack of skills in coping with disability issues, lack of social support as well as problems like rejecting the disability and poor life dissatisfaction. The project focused on solving these problems. The overall aim of "We are not Alone-WeNA" project was enhancing "life satisfaction and subjective well-being" of families of individuals with special needs and developing of their skills in coping with "difficulties of life".

Year(s): 2018-2021

Target group(s): Parents who have children with special needs and disability & Professionals, teachers and psychological councilors.

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In the project, a education programme consisting of 4 to 8 weeks that is created by using "form theater" and "creative drama" methods will be prepared and applied to the families of the special needs individuals.

The other outputs of the project are to reveal the personal experiences of parents and to create materials that will set an example for parents who have the same problems by expressing themselves on drama.

The education programme to be prepared and other outputs will set an example in terms of implementation example, working principles and methodology for the teachers/specialists as well as they will provide support to the families of the individuals with special needs.

Type of product

Paper-based material Online resource Course / Training Theater performance

Brief description of the outcomes

Project Outputs were:
1) Subjective Well Being Education Programme and Materials (available in TR, EN, HU, LT). 
2) Personal Experiences Stories (available in TR, EN, HU, LT). 
3) Creative Drama/Form Theatre Performance (available in TR, EN, HU, LT) 
4) Teacher/Specialist Training Guide (available in TR, EN, HU, LT) 

There were four learning / teaching / training activities in project in each partners' country. The focus of the activities was to improve subjective well-being and life satisfaction of parents with special needs individuals, develop competence-based skills as well as develop cognitive and affective awareness and being aware of common human experiences and feelings. 

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Parents who have children with special needs and disability will gain:

  1. Acceptance of disability,
  2. Creating susceptive attitudes towards oneself, be attentive to oneself
  3. Improve coping skills,
  4. Improving social self-sufficiency,
  5. Improving life satisfaction and humor skills,

Improving emotional regulation and emotional stability.

Promoter of the initiative: ANKARA MILLI EGITIM MUDURLUGU

Country: Turkey

Languages available: English Turkish

Website or other online channels: https//


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