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Training Aid-Card coach

There are situations in which a person sometimes can no longer think clearly and therefore exhibits behavior that others do not understand. This can then provoke an unwanted reaction in the person who is being misunderstood. Bystanders and aid workers want to help, but do not always know how, so it is not inconceivable that the situation will only get worse. The Aid-Card can then be a solution. MEE offers training to professionals who want to become an Aid-Card coach.

What is an Aid-Card?

An Aid-Card is a personal card the size of a bank card. Users of the Aid-Card record on it how others can best deal with them in situations in which they lose control or are in danger of losing control. The Aid-Card can also be used in situations where someone is unable to express wishes and needs.

The Aid-Card offers bystanders, aid workers and service providers concrete perspectives for action to provide the right support in a particular situation. This gives people who carry the card more (self) confidence and can better participate in society.  


Year(s): currently ongoing

Target group(s): professionals who work in the social domain: social workers, counselors, consultants and client support workers

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The Training Aid-Card Coach

In this training professionals learn and discover what the Aid-Card is and what it can mean for people when they themselves have no words to say what they need. They gain insight into for whom the Aid-Card could be suitable and how to support someone appropriately in making an Aid-Card. So that the Aid-Card suits the person and is an effective means of making clear to others what is going on with him or her and what he or she needs.  


Type of product

Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

After the training the professionals: 

- gain skills on how to make an Aid-Card together with the client that meets the quality requirements

- know which means of communication are available, where they can be found and how the client should deal with them

- can explain to clients and other interested parties what the Aid-Card is and how you can get it and use it 


Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Professionals gain experience on how to help clients make and use the Aid-Card and become more self-confident and participate better in society.

 The method can transferred to other target groups and countries.  

Promoter of the initiative: MEE NL

Country: Netherlands

Languages available: Dutch

Website or other online channels:

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