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Training and guidance to typhlo didactic

Sant'Alessio is an influential institution in Italy in the field of services to blind people. In particular, typhlo didactic courses are an excellence that allows you to train educators who are up-to-date and able to follow their clients in the best possible way. From reading in Braille to skills in the use of digital assistive tools for blind people, the courses provided by Sant'Alessio are always updated and guarantee top-level training that goes to help blind people.

In addition to this, the institute trains its trainers in such a way that they are able to train the blind people, making them more and more self-sufficient.

Year(s): 2014/2022

Target group(s): Blind People

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Courses and training paths about typlo didactic; it includes teaching aids aimed at increasing the tactile exploration’s ability in visually impaired and blind people. Among these tools are tactile boards with raised representations and titles both in a bigger font size and in Braille alphabet. They can be made in different materials and through different techniques, but what is at the base of their efficiency is the correct design of the tools depending on the learning needs of the people for which they are realized.

Type of product

Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

S.Alessio provides courses to allow certifications as operators and educators; training activities use regional and national format and curricula.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

This initiative has an amazing impact both on educators, for their skills and knowledge, and on blind people, granting them a lot of self-sufficiency and independence.

Promoter of the initiative: Centro Regionale S. Alessio

Country: Italy

Languages available: Italian

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