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Equal Ensemble “Electro Spazio”

The project was born in 2019 in an inclusive context with people with sensory disabilities, with pluridisability and visually impaired in the music laboratories at the headquarters of the A.N.Fa.Mi.V. for involve everyone in a musical and multisensory experience with the use of instruments and even unusual aids.

Soft rubber material panels are used which leave the lees free parts of the screen that should be touched, and to cover the parts of the screen that should not be touched. This allows blind and visually impaired people to play / play freely because buttons such as the "Home" button or areas are excluded from the touch of the touchscreen that are set for the software setup, which they would exit from the musical experience.

To enrich the musical possibilities simple indications are added to the tactile "conduction" such as: I touch the player's shoulder once: he starts play - I touch the player's shoulder again: he stops playing.

But along the way we work together on listening, in order to make the players react in autonomy on the concept of playing / not playing, leaving space for others, listening what happens and react musically accordingly using your own creativity.

The sound can be further immersive if a person moves the speakers in space USB while the other participants play.

To these sound environments you can add the instruments of the Orff or al piano, developing other fine motor skills such as centering with the beater the sound plate of the metallophone and playing in time with the eggs or the shaker or drums or cymbals.

Year(s): 2019/2022

Target group(s): Disabled people

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The active participation of all is practiced to the maximum, using the auditory canals and of the non-verbal communication typical of musical language. Each participant helps to create sounds, rhythms and music, in an experience that involves all the senses and all our emotions.

Type of product

Course / Training musical laboratory and production

Brief description of the outcomes

Design and delivery of participating laboratories to involve musicians and beneficiaries

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The satisfaction of making music together with defined and different sounds from the usual; the development of manual skills and management of an interactive space such as a touch-screen (it turns out that based on how you touch the screen the musical, sonic reaction changes.

Not only that: it is also different according to the music application used); participants have developed memory and orientation skills, regaining possession of the ability to move independently in the associative spaces, forgotten a lot in the period of lockdown; finally, calm sound atmospheres give more positive benefits. If we play games more rhythmic and heated musicals, the boys initially let off steam, but then remain restless. So if you play more musical games in this direction, then it is good to return to atmospheres stretched out, open and relaxed, so as to conclude with peaceful emotions. The project is undoubtedly replicable.

Promoter of the initiative: A.N.Fa.Mi.V. ONLUS APS

Country: Italy

Languages available: Italian

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