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Tempo di Leggerezza | Time of Lightness

The project saw the participation of various entities to produce theatrical animation, dance, cooking, decoupage, photography and many others workshops. The aim was twofold: to involve people with disabilities (children and adults) in activities that transmit value to them and their families and at the same time to interface the volunteers of the bodies involved so that, followed by the operators, they were able to follow people in the best possible way. disabled. The workshops were interactive and in close contact with trainers, educators and people.

Year(s): 2016/2018

Target group(s): Disabled People

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The main impact is to instill in people with disabilities the awareness of being able to be autonomous and aspire to do artistic activities with the support of volunteers who have understood the possibility of involving and collaborating with non-able-bodied people.

The project can be transferred to every target group

Promoter of the initiative: Città di Vercelli

Country: Italy

Languages available: Italian

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