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Paraskills project

 Skills Plus is a skills competions project funded by the European Union for people with occupatonal disability. It is inspired by a Skills Netherlands format and their successful Skills competitions. These skills competitions aimed at young people in the last year of vocatonal educaton. Within the Para Skills Competition project (Erasmus+) partners from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands developed the Skills Plus format, which is adapted to the special needs of people with occupational disabilities.    

Why was the Paraskills project started?

Because we believe that the people with disabilities do not need help, but opportunities — to show to everyone who they are and the things they can do.

Because it is stupid to keep people ouf of employment and on social benefits, when they can work, achieve, and advance in their profession and field of occupation.

Because applicants and employees should not be judged by their disability, but by their skills.

Because competition events build and promote positive role models, and motivate people to learn and achieve.

Because we subscribe to the broader mission of the EU that inclusion and diversity are milestones of an advanced and fair society. 


Year(s): 2014-2017

Target group(s): Employees with a labor disability / Employers in the open labor market / Workers organisations

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The Paraskills Project creates networks, infrastructure and model for national and international skills competitions for people with disabilities.

 The Paraskills project combines ParaSkills Competitions with the innovative certification methodology P-Scales referenced to the EQF and focused on transparent assessment of learning outcomes (ECVET).  

Type of product

Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes 

The project further developed and implemented in project activities  the P-Scales certification system.  




Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

-        Increasing the socioeconomic participation of disabled employees in a structured and sustainable way

-        Improvement of the image and stereotypes of disabled employees; demonstrating that they are reliable and valuable members of the workforce not only for the sheltered, but also for the open labor market

-        Decreasing the reluctance of businesses and organisations to employ people with a labor handicap in their operations, decreasing or even closing the gap between people with a disability and the labor market

-        Improvement of the basic and vocational skills of disabled employees

-        Improvement of the connection between the open labor market and the disabled people  

Promoter of the initiative: Erasmus Cooperation Project

Country: Bulgaria Czech Republic Germany Italy Netherlands Slovenia

Languages available: Bulgarian Czech Dutch English Italian Slovene German

Website or other online channels:

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