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The idea of the INNOVENTER project is to establish vocationally oriented social entrepreneurship training for small and medium enterprises so that they innovate themselves, while at the same time also engaging disadvantaged people as employees.

The project embeds concepts of Social Business Initiative (Social economy and Entrepreneurship) with commercial entrepreneurship, embracing characteristics of a social enterprise. The main project outputs are tailor-made ECVET compliant training courses on social entrepreneurship with curriculum, learning modules and handbook, online and mobile training platforms with interactive tools for small and medium enterprises and supporting knowledge database, mentoring programme and employment issues.

Year(s): 2017-2020

Target group(s): Trainers on entrepreneurial topics in vocational centres ; Practitioners and entrepreneurs ; Social entrepreneurs ; Business owners, social enterprises ; Students in mainstream secondary or vocational schools on business management and economy subjects

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The approach is through combining in a logical sequence creation of learning content, online platform and piloting of the training courses to trigger learning cooperation scheme encompassing vocational training institutions and to implement innovative means injecting social aspects in the entrepreneurship training to enhance competitiveness of the small and medium enterprises discovering unused resources.

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

The project outcomes include:

  • Training curriculum on Social Entrepreneurship, ECVET compliant
  • Learning course on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Trainer’s handbook on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Online and mobile training platforms
  • Interactive tool-kit for small and medium enterprises
  • Supporting knowledge database with case studies, incl. good, bad and best practices, testimonies, videos, etc.
  • Mentoring programme with entrepreneurs across the Balkan-Mediterranean area

The Online training platform includes 15 modules on Social entrepreneurship, which can be accessed freely after registration here

  • MODULE 1. Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
  • MODULE 2. Dimensions of Social Entrepreneurship
  • MODULE 3. Identifying Social Entrepreneurship in Practice
  • MODULE 4. Brief Overview of Social Change Theories and Dilemmas
  • MODULE 5. Theory of Social Exchange
  • MODULE 6. Social Capital Basics
  • MODULE 7. Social Networks as Base of Social Capital
  • MODULE 8. Determinant Personality Traits to Establish a Successful Social Enterprise
  • MODULE 9. Social Balance Sheet and Measuring Social Value
  • MODULE 10. How to Become a Successful Social Entrepreneur
  • MODULE 11. Social Enterprise Business Plan
  • MODULE 12. Launch, Growth and Goal Attainment
  • MODULE 13. The Empowering Leadership of Social Entrepreneurs
  • MODULE 14. Solving Problems That Can't be Solved
  • MODULE 15. National legislation and current status on Social Entrepreneurship

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The project can benefit small and medium enterprises, social enterprises and business organisations as well as disadvantaged groups and the social economy sector. Vocational teachers and trainers can acquire more experience on the social entrepreneurship theme. The real benefits and impact on the area is the increase of competitiveness, innovation and employment levels of small and medium enterprises.

Promoter of the initiative: National Federation of Employers of Disabled People

Country: Bulgaria

Languages available: Bulgarian English

Website or other online channels:

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