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Spread the Sign

Spread the Sign

SPREAD THE SIGN is a free visual sign language dictionary that aims to make all sign languages of the world accessible. SPREAD THE SIGN was launched in 2006 and gradually expanded throughout the years. Currently, it includes the sign languages of 43 countries and over 400,000 sign language videos.

SPREAD THE SIGN aims to:     

  • support the social inclusion and integration of deaf/hearing impaired people
  • provide equal educational opportunities to deaf/hearing impaired people
  • support adult educators in their work with hearing impaired people
  • raise awareness of the educational needs of these disadvantaged groups

Year(s): 2006 – ongoing

Target group(s): Educators of deaf/hearing impaired adults ; Deaf/hearing impaired people

Website or other online channels:


SPREAD THE SIGN provides an online dictionary with a visual representation (videos) of different sign languages. The content is divided into categories and subcategories in order to facilitate the search for signs. 

Type of product

Online resource Video clips / Films Mobile application

Brief description of the outcomes

SPREAD THE SIGN has developed an online educational tool which currently includes over 400,000 signs and 43 sign languages. It is constantly developing with the aim to support the integration of deaf/hearing impaired people and to provide them with equal educational opportunities.

The visual sign language dictionary is divided into 18 categories and 149 subcategories, which include:

  • Sign language for beginners
  • Generalities
  • Sentences and questions
  • Religion
  • Pedagogy
  • Language
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Social studies
  • Geography & Travel
  • Food & Beverages
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports & Hobbies
  • Technology
  • Computer & Modern technology
  • Science
  • Health & Medicine
  • Baby signs
  • Country specific

The signs are recorded as short videos. There is an option to compare the signs in different sign languages.

The dictionary is available at

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

SPREAD THE SIGN provides a valuable educational tool which can be used by adult educators working with deaf/hearing impaired people in order to support their social inclusion and integration and provide them with equal educational opportunities. 

Promoter of the initiative: EUROPEAN SIGN LANGUAGE CENTRE (Sweden) – coordinator ; KU TU EOOD (Bulgarian partner)

Country: Bulgaria Sweden

Website or other online channels:

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