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CODE-N-SOCIAL: Promoting Social Inclusion through Coding and ICT skills

CODE-N-SOCIAL: Promoting Social Inclusion through Coding and ICT skills

“CODE-N-SOCIAL: Promoting Social Inclusion through Coding and ICT skills” is a European cooperation project aimed at providing access to quality IT learning and helping people at risk of poverty and social exclusion (people AROPE) to get out of the education-poverty trap where they are kept due to prejudices and low quality IT education.

CODE-N-SOCIAL has developed a set of educational products which provide guided introduction to coding to those persons AROPE who need support, encouragement to fight prejudices and make a first step in entering the IT world, or even recognising that their passive IT-user skills can be transferred into valuable competencies for the labour market.

Year(s): 2017-2019

Target group(s): People at risk of poverty and social exclusion (people AROPE), including disabled people, victims of domestic violence, young people 18-30 years old, people over 40 years of long-term unemployment, non-EU immigrants, etc. ; Teachers, trainers, mentors, et

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The elaboration of the project outcomes is based on a set of suitable methodologies for adult learning, including:

  • Self-paced learning – Learners are free to learn at their own pace and to define personal learning paths based on their individual needs and interests.
  • The Experiential Learning Cycle or learning through reflection on doing
  • Facilitated/instructor-led learning - A linear curriculum is developed that integrates several content elements and activities into a chronological course or syllabus.
  • E-tutoring, e-coaching and e-mentoring - Provide individual support and feedback to learners through tools and facilitation techniques.
  • Role modelling – Recognised professionals of all age who can relate to the target groups and share their stories in order to motivate others

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

CODE-N-SOCIAL has developed a set of motivational and capacity-building products aimed at helping people at risk of social exclusion (people AROPE) to improve their coding and ICT skills and at inspiring them to consider careers on the digital technology market.

All project outcomes are available on the project website they include:

  • Online learning platformas a competence and confidence-building open educational resource for introducing persons at risk of social exclusion to the world of coding
  • Curriculumwhich enables people at risk of social exclusion to improve their confidence through a brand new learning and role modelling programme
  • Capacity building coursewhich introduces people at risk of social exclusion to the world of coding though 4 e-learning modules – the basics of ICT, algorithmic thinking, coding (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and getting employed in the ICT sector
  • Guidelinesfor empowering and bridging the accessibility gap in ICT based on innovative tools and methods and aimed at leading to a better understanding of how ICT competence and confidence development can reduce the risk of poverty and social exclusion
  • Video galleryas a series of 5 short videos of role models presenting the inspiring stories of actual persons AROPE who have become ICT / coding professionals

The project website is also accessible for visually impaired users.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The CODE-N-SOCIAL outcomes (capacity building course, Guidelines presenting ICT competence and confidence development, Video gallery with stories and role model presentations) provide educators working with people at risk of exclusion with new tools and motivation boosters for inspiring people AROPE to consider careers in the digital technology market. This adds to the expertise and resources of organisations working for the inclusion of people AROPE to improve the quality of the offered educational services and as well as their understanding of how to use ICT as a tool for learning and developing key competencies.

By enriching the capacities of organisations and professionals working with people AROPE, the project has impact also on the people AROPE themselves for improving their opportunities for better educational, economic and social integration. By taking advantage of the CODE-N-SOCIAL outcomes, the people AROPE can develop skills for using ICT tools and benefit from the opportunities offered by them, develop confidence to use their ICT skills, including coding competences, on the labour market, improve transversal skills like collaboration skills with others, develop problem-solving skills, gain competence in creating and debugging simple programmes, comprehend algorithms and how they are implemented as programmes on digital devices, etc.

Promoter of the initiative: ASOCIACION DE PERSONAS CON DISCAPACIDAD VERDIBLANCA (ES) – coordinator ; KU TU EOOD (Bulgarian partner)

Country: Bulgaria France Italy Romania Spain

Languages available: Bulgarian English French Hungarian Italian Romanian Spanish

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