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Your Education Has No Limits: Develop Your Future Project

Your Education Has No Limits: Develop Your Future Project

The main goal of this project is to create a significant increase in the number of students with disabilities in Spanish universities, so as to further the chances of these students being able to access quality employment in their futures. The programme seeks to achieve the following results in the medium term:

- to raise awareness throughout society, through the educational community, about the importance of equal opportunity higher education for people with disabilities by improving the skills of the adult educators

- to disseminate the idea that achieving a university degree provides easier access to quality jobs, which in turn ensures a higher degree of autonomy and independence for adults

- to emphasise the everyday presence of people with disabilities in the workforce

- to raise the number of people with disabilities who go on to A-level education

- to secure recommendations and proposals that improve the advanced educational environment for students with disabilities, and as a result, help prevent an increase in drop-out rates

Year(s): From November 2010

Target group(s): The programme is aimed at compulsory secondary school and A-level students, family members, teachers and members of civil society organisations

Website or other online channels:


The programme consists of developing a series of informative talks that outline the benefits of access to higher education and present the testimonies of people with different types of disabilities that have successfully completed their higher education and entered the job market in various sectors of activity.

These talks are complemented with related information available to anyone interested on an accessible online platform on the Repsol Foundation’s website (, where you can also track the project’s development and see its content.

The website contains a blog where comments of interest are posted and where interested people can exchange their ideas and contributions. Everything here aims to facilitate access to the entire programme’s content, encourage continued contact among the talk attendees, connect with the youngest users and establish a technical assistance area to solve questions that may come up during the sessions.

In the second phase of the programme, based on the good results of the pilot phase, a video inspired by face-to-face informative talks was created. This video became an autonomous tool for teachers and was accompanied by an educational guide to help them with the implementation of a related activity. Five additional videos with activities were developed, mainly addressed to teachers but also to families and students.

The programme is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education. 

Type of product

Paper-based material Online resource Video clips / Films Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

The programme consists of developing:

- a series of informative talks

- related information available to anyone interested on an accessible online platform

- a website which contains a blog

- some videos with the activities developed

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The methodology used encourages the assertive involvement of all participants in the talk, interspersing game-based techniques to stimulate individual and group reflection. The programme also has a blog through which the participants or interested people can keep in contact with the experts and organisers of the talks, which were considered very satisfactory and with great impact on all the participants (teachers and students).

The transferability of the practice is high due that is based on the collaboration of the coordinators and the different target groups involved, which participate in the selection of the contents, as well as the search for speakers and experiences.

Promoter of the initiative: The ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Country: Spain

Languages available: Spanish

Website or other online channels:

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