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INDUCATE - Integrated framework for adult education providers to support social inclusion for learners with health-related conditions

INDUCATE - Integrated framework for adult education providers to support social inclusion for learners with health-related conditions

European adult learners with health-related conditions face risks of social exclusion and barriers to employability. 

There is an international consensus that they need special support to develop their skills, knowledge and competences to overcome these obstacles.

INDUCATE is an Erasmus+ project that aimed to address this challenge by delivering an Integrated Assessment Framework to evaluate adult education providers’ effectiveness for adult learners facing situations of exclusion related to their health conditions.

INDUCATE provides adult education staff with greater understanding of the needs of individuals with health-related conditions and helps them deliver more efficient education programmes.


  • Identify the factors that affect AE effectiveness on learners with HRC.
  • Provide an Integrated Assessment Framework (IAF), a self-assessment tool, for AE providers to evaluate the impact of their offerings on learners with health related conditions.
  •  Share recommendations and tools to enable AE providers to successfully address the needs of persons with health-related issues. 

Year(s): 2019-2022

Target group(s): Adult educators, persons with disabilities of all ages, public authorities and service providers, adult learning providers, higher education institutions, individuals with health related conditions, policy makers in education & training

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In order to carry out a this project the following methods were used:

On a first step, they did a research on factors affecting Adult Education effectiveness on learners with health-related conditions.

Adult education providers engaged in a self-assessment process to evaluate the impact of their training, were able to develop quality improvement plans and shared their practices with their peers. An enlarged European network of adult education providers and other interested bodies were set up.

They developed a road-map and toolkit to help adult education providers improve their effectiveness, adapting education provision to the needs of learners with health-related conditions.

 INDUCATE brought together 5 organisations from different European countries acting in the field of adult learning provision, educational research & policy development.  

Type of product

Online resource Video clips / Films

Brief description of the outcomes

A report on 10 factors affecting  adult education effectiveness on learners with HRC

Within the project they analyzed 10 factors that affect the quality and effectiveness of adult education on learners with health related conditions in Europe in order to provide trainers and staff with greater understanding on needs of this group.

Here you can find the report and the summary of the report: Report on 10 factors


INDUCATE Integrated assessment framework, tool and implementation guide

It enables adult learning providers to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of their education provision on learners facing the risk of exclusion because of health related conditions. It is accompanied by an implementation guide for adult education providers to navigate through easily.

Here you can find the link to the Assessment framework, tool and implementation guide: Assessment framework, tool, implementation guide


INDUCATE Roadmap and toolkit

With the roadmap and toolkit, education providers are able not only to assess adult education provision on learners with health-related conditions but, if appropriate, implement the steps through improvement. It proposes counselling and guidance whatever the expertise of the adult education provider is.

Find the link to the road map here: INDUCATE road map and tool kit


INDUCATE Memorandum of cooperation

A Memorandum of cooperation is proposed to adult education providers, associations of people with health-related conditions and other organisations (NGOs, research institutions, policy making bodies…) interested in using the INDUCATE outputs.

 Here you can find the link to the memorandum: INDUCATE Memorandum of cooperation

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The transferability potential is given, because the project offers a great variety of methods and inspirations to work with people with health-related conditions and help to improve their effectiveness und adapt the Educational delivery to meet the needs of learners with health-related conditions. 

The provision of an assessment framework and self-assessment tool for adult education providers in the EU enables reflection and rethinking towards learners with health-related conditions.

 Through the offers of the INDUCATE project, the participation of learners with health-related conditions is encouraged, which contributes to social inclusion. 

Promoter of the initiative: PARIS-LODRON-UNIVERSITAT SALZBURG (Project Partnership)

Country: Austria France Greece Lithuania Spain

Languages available: English French Greek Lithuanian Spanish German

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