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TRACE - Transition to Adulthood with Conductive Education

TRACE - Transition to Adulthood with Conductive Education

In the project they ask how Conductive Education can be implemented in facilities for day structuring and sheltered living for adults.

People with a disability (typically cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities) should be equipped to lead as independent and self-determined a way of life as possible through Conductive Education.

Because there is quite an uncertainty how Conductive Education can be adapted to meet the demands of adult participants the project partnership created a handbook.

 Within this project, they established contacts among institutions that have so far felt themselves to be “lone fighters” and “pioneers”. Similarities and differences in approaches, as well as arising issues, have been examined and discussed on–site. Guidelines have been set out for the practice of Conductive Education with adults with cerebral palsy in the context of day activities and supported accommodation. 

Year(s): 2017-2018

Target group(s): Adult educators, disabled people, people who work and live in sheltered living

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In 4 project meetings, starting with an International Symposium initiated and organized by the founder of Paces Sheffield, key issues have been identified and discussed. 

They changed the working strategy, because frame conditions varied from country to country and from institution to institution.

They compiled the essential features of Conductive Education and main differences between children and adults in the main areas of Conductive Education (motoric – cognitive – psycho-social – activities of everyday life).

The results of these considerations have been evaluated, the conclusions were stated in concise summaries (recommendations) concerning staffing, day structuring facilities, supported living, life coaching and sports and leisure time activities. 


Type of product

Paper-based material Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes


In the handbook, the results of the project had been put together.

 Here you can find the link to the handbook: TRACE Handbook

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

 Existing facilities as well as those to be established in the future are able to profit from the results of the project, because the handbook is accessible for the public. 

Promoter of the initiative: KoMit GmbH (strategic partnership Austria, Germany and England)

Country: Austria Germany United Kingdom

Languages available: English

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