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Training on Contact Center Management and Operations - including Smart-Working practices - for Trainers, Educators, Team Leaders and Manager of a Third Sector company employing jailed people in Bollate Prison (Milan Area, Lombardy Region)

While the world is undergoing a fast digital transformation, most of us think that prison work is limited to manufacturing activities. Actually tho, prisons are investing a lot in digital work in order to guarantee a better social reintroduction of convicts once they’ll leave the jail. 

In order to make this idea a concrete opportunity, BSD design started different training courses for educators working in jail for the social cooperative “bee.4 altre menti”, delivering contact center services. Due to pandemic, from 2020 they started a smart-working program involving jailed people. 

The focus of the projects were to give to jail educators those skills that allow them to empower and train convicts people with digital applied knowledge. 

Year(s): 2

Target group(s): Disadvantaged people (Jailed People)

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The methodology is based on frontal lessons and interactive labs between the teachers and the trainers/educators/managers.

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Online resource Course / Training

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This initiative can be applied in almost every situation that requires upskilling in smart working and contact center activities.

Promoter of the initiative: BSD

Country: Italy

Languages available: English Italian

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