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Engage – Age Wise Workshops

 Age & Opportunity’s Age Wise workshop raises awareness of the attitudes to ageing and older people in organisations whose work affects the lives of older people. From there, it encourages action on how ageism may be reduced within organisations and workplaces.  

Year(s): Ongoing

Target group(s): Age Wise is a professionally facilitated workshop designed to create awareness of attitudes to ageing and older people either in your workplace or our offices. It is suitable for employers and people delivering services to older people.

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Workshops are being delivered on Zoom to groups of 10 – 15 people maximum and are delivered by a trained Age & Opportunity facilitator. 

The workshop enables participants to:

understand the personal, cultural and structural effects of ageism,

identify instances of discrimination against older people,

devise strategies to counter age discrimination in their workplace or community.


Type of product

Paper-based material Online resource Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

Age & Opportunity Engage is a programme which offers a range of learning initiatives, courses and workshops for personal development as well as opportunities for us to play an active role in our community. The aim is to facilitate participants to develop resilience, build the skills, know-how and the foresight to achieve the best quality of life. 



 We believe that people who work directly with older people – or whose work affects the lives of older people – should be conscious of their needs and the value of their continuing contribution to society . As organisations become increasingly aware of the value of their older employees, customers and clients – they will be able to benefit from our bespoke training and facilitation and range of national workshops and courses.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

 This workshop is ideal for everyone whose work affects the lives of older people.      

Promoter of the initiative: Age and Oppertunity

Country: Ireland

Languages available: English

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