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You are never too old to learn

The OGJG Foundation allows enthusiastic students to give lectures to seniors in libraries, community centers, nursing homes and online. Students improve their presentation skills and come into contact with care for elderly people. Seniors have the opportunity to develop cognitively regardless of their age. Both groups are challenged and come into contact with each other, which removes prejudices. 

The project is based on the principle: Personal growth does not depend on age.


■ Increasing the (intellectual) well-being of (disabled) elderly people

■ Bringing young and old together and let them learn from each other

■ Offer activities for seniors at an attractive price

■ Offer students relevant work experience that looks good on their CV

■ Introducing students to the healthcare sector

 ■ Create new relationships for seniors  

Year(s): started in 2014

Target group(s): Students and elderly people

Website or other online channels:


The project encourages students who want to be useful and contribute to society, specifically to the elderly, to give a series of lectures to elderly people. They first follow a training course and get prepare by using an application. 

 Students are free to choose a topic from their study or field. They can give a senior lecture on a topic that really interests them and that they like to talk about and exchange ideas with the participants. Any study or field of study is eligible. A student teacher, always gives a series of four different lectures around one theme. Before giving the first lecture, they always consult with the regional coordinator about the content and level of the lecture series.   

Type of product

Online resource Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

 A training for students to deliver a series of lectures to elderly people.  

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

By giving lectures to elderly people students get motivated to talk about themes they are interested in and increase their teaching and presentation skills. 

The students gain relevant (volunteer) work experience.

The students are introduced to the care sector. 

By bringing young and old together, the project lets them learn from each other and remove prejudices.

Increasing the (intellectual) well-being of (disabled) elderly people.

Reducing loneliness among seniors and inhibiting mental decline.

 The project methodology can be easily transferred to other countries.  

Promoter of the initiative: Stichting OGJG (Oud geleerd jong gedaan)

Country: Netherlands

Languages available: Dutch

Website or other online channels:

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