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Educational Senior Network

Educational Senior Network

The project seeks to identify both the specific needs of older learners aged over 50 and the conditions under which they learn. The project examines the extent of possible innovation, how it may be undertaken and for whom. The goals of the project are:

  • to focus on learning possibilities, conditions and learning methods of the elderly learners on the universities;
  • to examine the opinions, learning needs, motivation and barriers to learning of the older persons who take part in the programmes as well as of those who do not (from rural areas and other communities);
  • developing of learning programmes and activities, introduction of new programmes and the upgrading of old ones to involve older people in activities more suited to their needs;
  • summarising experiences and encouraging older people to take part in learning activities;
  • promotion of the international cooperation in the education of the elderly and networking between the universities throughout Europe.  

Year(s): 2014-2017

Target group(s): Educators / seniors

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The project brings:

- Scale of information about educational programs for people 50+ 
- Analysis of the collected data from the elderly used for innovation of the programs;
- Recommendations for further development of learning in rural areas and in the communities;
- Collection of best practices that encourage the elderly
- Contribution to the inclusion of the elderly in learning, using of ICT and creation of new learning programs;
- Active engagement of the elderly by giving lectures, collecting data, doing interviews;
- Promotion of the international cooperation in adult learning between universities.
- Showing the necessity to encourage and materially support the education of older people  

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

The booklet “Education for seniors in Europe” and the brochure “Educational Senior Network” describe the project results.

Available via Erasmus+ Project Results platform:  

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Older people in the communities showed interest in learning, which encouraged the organizers to innovate programs and themes as well as to look for opportunities for new learning places. The new programs will open the elderly space for development of their knowledge and active participation in education in the future as well. The impact is not only on the institutions involved in the project but also on the target groups of older students and older people in communities and rural areas.

 Institutions have received many research results to serve them in the future to create new or upgraded old programs as well as to implement new training methods and practices. The new programs will open opportunities for the elderly to develop their knowledge and offer active participation in education in the future as well.   

Promoter of the initiative: Stichting Senioren Academie Groningen - Friesland – Drenthe and 6 European partners

Country: Czech Republic Germany Netherlands Spain Sweden

Languages available: Dutch English German

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