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The aim of the project was to develop, implement, and disseminate a curriculum for the training of older volunteers to conduct guided tours for senior citizens and inform them about specific offers in the area they live in (e.g. lifelong learning opportunities, volunteering possibilities and social services provisions). By developing certain key skills, Senior-Guides act not only as consumers but also as cascaders for older people.

A SeniorGuide is a source of information, guidance and advice about services, facilities and support available to senior citizens in their hometown or region.

The “Senior Guides” project is aimed at:

  • older women and men who want to take part in further training and offer these information tours.
  • older women and men who are interested in finding out more about and experiencing existing offers in the city of Graz
  •  Provider organizations and initiatives that are given the opportunity to present themselves to the target group of older people as part of these information tours.  

Year(s): 2009-2011

Target group(s): Older women and men, provider organizations and initiatives, adult educators

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In the developed Curriculum the partners of the project have included materials for trainers that will help them teach acourse for older volunteers.

The project used a variety of tools to deliver their message/knowledge to senior citizens. Two of the main principles in the Senior-Guides Training are participation and reflection on one’s own experiences. Therefore, the modules give an opportunity to reflect on good and bad examples of guiding people have experienced and thus help them choose their own favourite methods. In addition, they defined the areas of interest, in which they wish to specialise.

These are some examples of methods:

» Presentations

» Tours

» Personal guidance and mentoring

 » Information fairs  

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

The Curriculum defines the target group for the training, gives an overview of the modules and explains all the important steps to consider before and after a training.

 Here you can find the link for the Senior-Guide Curriculum: Senior-Guides Curriculum   

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The project offers older people a source of information, guidance and advice about services, facilities and support available to senior citizens in their hometown or region. Seniors can share their knowledge and experience with others. Especially for people who have left their professional lives behind, this Curriculum offers great opportunities to stay active. 

Adult educators can use the curriculum, to develop their own Senior-Guides Training Course. It offers possibilities to identify own interests, talents and strengths because it actively involves participants with all their experiences. The Senior-Guide training is participant-centered, partly self-organized and also offers many opportunities for experience-based learning. The participants themselves are the main resource in the training.

 Because of the precise instructions and methods the transferability potential is given.  

Promoter of the initiative: queraum. kultur- und sozialforschung (cultural- and social research institute) with 5 EU Project partners

Country: Austria Germany Italy Lithuania United Kingdom Switzerland

Languages available: English German

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