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Senior active trainer: training

 People are getting older - and want to stay active longer. Mental and physical fitness, however, need regular exercise. As a qualified senior active trainer, you will work with older people who want to actively maintain their health. To do this, you sensitize older people to exercise, nutrition, relaxation, mental fitness and memory training.  

Year(s): Ongoing training

Target group(s): Adult educators, people who work with older people

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In the training, they use a variety of methods. In the WIFI training, participants learn how to promote, activate and stabilize body and mind for as long as possible. The focus is on the following:


·       Basics of gerontology

·       Special training and movement theory

·       Spine and pelvic floor training

·       Special nutrition

·       Contents and methods of memory training

·       Relaxation training

·       communication

·       Diseases in old age, first aid

·       Fall prevention

·       Aqua gym, dances while walking and sitting

·       Basics of memory psychology

 Pathological changes in memory  

Type of product

Paper-based material Online resource Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

Degree: Certified senior active trainer

After the project work, a teaching appearance (presentation of the project work) and a technical discussion, the participants receive the WIFI diploma "Senior Active Trainer".

 For further information, you can sign up for the training and get in touch with WIFI.  

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The training qualifies in adult education, healthcare, and more. Because of the great qualification there is a great impact on the target group.

 The career opportunities for senior active trainers are diverse. There are opportunities in adult education institutions, private and public health institutions, or wellness providers. But also senior day centers and facilities for assisted living are possible areas of application - as well as corporate health promotion.  

Promoter of the initiative: WIFI Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (Economic Development Institute of Austria)

Country: Austria

Languages available: German

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