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Invisible Talents

The overall objective of the project invisible talens is to support health and social service providers in residential and/or community settings as well as citizens’ initiatives working with very old people in:

  • self-reflecting the status-quo of participation and engagement opportunities in their organisation and
  •  developing concrete actions that promote engagement of their target groups and make talents visible.  

Year(s): 2018-2020

Target group(s): Adult educators, health and social service providers, citizens initiatives, older people, very old people

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A toolbox was developed to encourage organizations and individuals to reflect on stereotypes and age discrimination, to treat older people with appreciation and to support them in recognizing their own wishes and interests.

18 different methods can be used in different contexts. Here is an excerpt from the collection of methods. You can find more in the toolbox:

Concepts of aging: This activity aims to raise awareness of different concepts of ageing as well as the diversity of lifestyles, talents and interests of older people. 

Myths about older people: This activity aims to reflect on stereotypes and  myths that surround older people and the process of ageing.

Talent Tree: helpful in approaching the topic, start a dialogue on (hidden) talents and encourage participants to think about their strengths and interests.

Talents reflection cards: card sets including questions about strengths, interests and positive abilities 

Talents Map, Mood board, Quality Relay, Fruit Baskets and many more.

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

The project leaflet gives an overview on objectives, activities, outcomes and partners involved: Leaflet

The fact sheet provides background information about the invisible talents project and innovative ideas that contribute successfully to the social participation of older people: Fact sheet

The brochure provides inspiration about invisible talents of old people: Brochure

The Toolbox summarizes inspiring activities to reflect on talents: Toolbox

 The E-Presentation provides basic information on the issue of social participation, examples from the project and beyond and many helpful resources that can be supportive in efforts for age-friendly organizations & communities: E-Presentation  

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Within the project experiences of older people are made visible and organizations and adult educators can use the developed tools.

The transferability potential is given, because the project offers a great variety of methods and inspirations to work with older people. Also to encourage adult educators or organizations who work with older people to reflect on their own prejudices. 

It also encourages organizations and individuals to reflect on stereotypes and age discrimination and to treat older people with appreciation and to support them in recognizing their own wishes and interests.

Older people benefit from this project, because based on different methods, wishes and talents can be made visible.

 All participants can contribute their knowledge, skills and networks.  

Promoter of the initiative: queraum. cultural and social research + 4 european partners

Country: Austria Germany Italy Lithuania Netherlands

Languages available: Dutch English Italian Lithuanian German

Website or other online channels:

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