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Age-Friendly City: Amasya

The project was about investigating the potential of Amasya to be an Age Friendly city in line with these developments and fulfilling the necessary interventions, organizations, and measures for this. As the name suggested, the “Age Friendly City Project” was a very comprehensive social project that could accommodate many issues and phenomena, considers all social and urban dynamics, takes place in them and was indistinguishable from the society itself.

Year(s): 2011-2020

Target group(s): Elderly people

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First, within the scope of the upper project package, Amasya's Potential to Become an Age Friendly City and its deficiencies in these issues were determined in line with the "Global Age Friendly Cities Guide". Then, which strategies to implement and which organizational and institutional structures should be realized to provide the necessary conditions were included in the work package.

Type of product

Paper-based material

Brief description of the outcomes

With the determination of the potentials of Amasya and the measures to be taken to become an Age Friendly City, the economic and social progress and development of the city of Amasya ensured. Especially with the new employment areas to be opened, the economic structure developed, and the elderly people provided to come and stay here if necessary, so that both economic and social development achieved together with tourism activities aimed at indirect cultural cohesion.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

All sub-projects and interventions to be made not only be made for the elderly but people of all ages and disadvantaged groups also benefited from them. For example, improving air and water quality protected growing children and please others with environmental concerns. When the elderly people in their families received adequate service and support, their subjective life qualities increased, and they developed sensitivity regarding the social support they had received.

Promoter of the initiative: Amasya University

Country: Turkey

Languages available: English Turkish

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