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A Common Challenge – Two Different Cultural Perspectives

“A Common Challenge – two different cultural perspectives” was a partnership between Kennisland and the Güven Education Health Organization in Ankara. This civil society dialogue was facilitated by the European Union and the Turkish Ministry of European Affairs. The objective of the dialogue was to learn from our respective approaches to elderly care. It covered three topics: nursing care, home care and informal care.

Year(s): 2021

Target group(s): Elderly people

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Methodology of the project oriented to bridging different cultural perspectives and finding new ways of working and cooperation. This approach was a form of action research that combines learning and change. The action researchers did not only focus on research, but also designed solutions while acting (and subsequently investigate whether they achieve the desired effect). This dynamic and inclusive form of research combined research, learning, experimentation, and change. The people who were involved in the issue in all kinds of different ways play a leading role, resulting in a wide support base: for example, CSO representatives, professionals, individuals, leaders of organizations, experts, and policymakers. We explored the issue together, design solutions while experimenting and jointly assess its effects.

Type of product

Online resource Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

Guven Vakfi brought together elderly care professionals and experts from both countries. They joined three learning/working groups based around the three topics. In these groups, Guven Vakfi worked together to identify the pressing issues and what we wished to learn from one another.

Guven Vakfi collected stories from the immediate environments and contexts of the working group participants. Kennisland analysed and contextualised these stories and the responses to them and present them in an attractive form for publication. Study trips also made to Ankara and Amsterdam to gain a greater understanding of respective contexts and to reflect on the experiences and challenges in both countries.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

It was essential that those involved not only acquire new knowledge, but also reflected on patterns that might or might not hinder them.

Promoter of the initiative: Güven Education and Health Foundation

Country: Turkey

Languages available: English Turkish

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