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MOVE ON: Migration & Gender: Vocational and Educational counseling

MOVE ON: Migration & Gender: Vocational and Educational counseling

The MOVE ON project is a highly innovative programme aiming to share, develop and transfer effective practices, training and knowledge of professionals working with migrants, with a particular emphasis on issues impacting gender and culture.

Through a strong, strategic partnership of 7 expert organisations from selected locations in Europe, the project exchange hidden, local best practices that have proven to help address gender inequality and the marginalisation of EU migrants. The project designed and implemented effective strategies and high-quality learning opportunities for enhancing basic skills of relevant learners in the participating organisations, countries and across Europe.

The ultimate objectives of the project are aligned with The Europe 2020 Strategy, the European Agenda for Adult Learning and the Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes. In particular, following the project’s innovative practical results, it is anticipated that services provided to EU migrants become more responsive and tailored to their needs paying particular attention to issues impacting on gender and culture as these are usually manifested in terms of integration, employment and recruitment, at the work place, remuneration and promotion.

In this way, specific training programmes were developed in order to raise awareness about issues that migrants and refugees tend to deal, with special focus on labour market conditions and the need to combat gender and race stereotypes.

Year(s): 2015 - 2017

Target group(s): 1) Professionals providing career guidance and counseling to EU migrants; 2) Migrants

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Using a user-led methodology and by building on evidence from existing best practices, the project exchanged innovative models:

(1) to give staff of partner organizations the opportunity to participate to a dedicated and proven accredited training programme originally developed in Germany concerning gender and culturally sensitive guidance services to migrants;

(2) to share knowledge and successful practices across Europe concerning methods currently in use in the partner countries;

(3) to identify the profile requirements of career advisors for migrants paying particular attention to issues of gender and culture.

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

MOVE ON’s outputs:

1.      State of the art gender and diversity sensitive educational and counseling methods

2.      Gender and diversity sensitive career guidance and counseling for migrants: teaching programme and material - a program for migrants' carreer guidance and counceling

3.      Catalogue of profile requirements for a gender and culturally sensitive career advising

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

With Move On project, it was possible to agree on key recommendations to improve counselling services addressed to migrants.

It was possible to raise understanding on the importance of providing support that it is tailored to the needs of each migrant, as well as training programmes for services that provide this kind of support to migrants and refugees.

These services raised their awareness on the introduction of methodologies and strategies, as well as on the improvement of validation systems that recognize competences and skills.

In general, Move On training was well evaluated, with most participants mentioning that the training had a positive on their professionals skills and that they will share this new knowledge with other professionals, making this project transferable and sustainable.

Promoter of the initiative: Independent Academic Research Studies International Institute

Country: United Kingdom

Languages available: English Greek Italian Polish Spanish German

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