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Fast Lane: Fast Lane to the Labour Market

Fast Lane: Fast Lane to the Labour Market

The project is carried out transnationally as the refugee crisis and it's consequences is a Europe-wide phenomenon which needs European solutions. Hereby the project takes under consideration the different labour market situations of the partnering countries and developed an approach adaptable to different national needs and circumstances. With its approach being both integrative and co-operational, based on the principles of Work-based learning (WBL), ECVET as well as content and language integrated learning (CLIL), it shortens the time span from the refugees’ arrival until the point of entrance into the labour market because it combines the acquisition of language skills, social and cultural integration as well as vocational qualification. The project encompasses all phases that members of said target group have to pass through: arrival and orientation, qualification and education as well as integration into the primary job market. For the first phase of arrival and orientation, new methods of recognition of existing skills and competence were developed.

Year(s): 2016 - 2018

Target group(s): 1) Trainers, teachers, VET schools, training centers, SME, employers, chambers of crafts and industry, job agencies etc. 2) Refugees and asylum seekers, specially male in the age of 18-30

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The approach follows an integrated method as it starts with an early assessment of competences (Quick Scan) which meets each participant at the place he/she is.

Further, the “Fast Lane” approach also focused on the perspective of employers and trainers and helps them to reflect their own processes and sensitise in working with the target group of refugees or newcomers in general.

At the beginning, theydeveloped for each country “state of the art reports”deriving success criteria, which form the basis for the development of the IOs and the project monitoring.

Subsequent to this was conducted five pilot projects and monitored the implementation of the defined success factors in companies and training centres such as the usage of the Fast Lane material and the effects on learning by interviewing wbl-coaches and participants.

In the end the project partners organised five Multiplier Events to present the Fast Lane approach to the target groups.

Type of product

Online resource Video clips / Films Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

Fast lane products are:

1.      State of the Art Report

2.      Competence Quick Scan

3.      European Curriculum For a Faster Integration

4.      Training Material For Employers, Trainers and Teachers

5.      Tutorial Video

6.      Monitoring Tools

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

No results regarding impact on target groups.

The developed material is offered as an open source in word format so that other institutions can easily use and adapt it regarding their own needs, different institutions in different member states are confronted with different realities and obstacles.

Promoter of the initiative: Gewerkstatt

Country: Germany

Languages available: Dutch English Italian German

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