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Engage: Supporting Migrant Women as Integration Leaders

Engage: Supporting Migrant Women as Integration Leaders

Nowadays, migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers are likely to face greater social exclusion than the indigenous population, mainly in terms of access to education, social services, health, and employment. Among them, women and girls are particularly at risk and need appropriate gender-sensitive policies and measures on migration, asylum, and integration.

Migrant women and girls are able to have an extraordinary and positive impact on the host country, especially if they are able to become a resource and an advantage for the host country.

The role of migrant women and girls within their families and communities should be recognized as crucial and particular emphasis should be placed on their empowerment.

This is why 6 partners from 6 European countries (FR, IT, IR, IR, CY, AT, HR) have worked intensively for 24 months to promote a more effective migrant integration system that recognizes migrant women and girls as leaders/facilitators of integration and community.

Year(s): 2017 - 2019

Target group(s): 1) Migrants women, refugees and asylum seekers; 2) Educators/professionals working with migrant women

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During the duration of the ENGAGE project, the partners worked

- to develop a bespoke integration leadership curriculum for migrant women and girls that enables them to acquire key skills essential to their new role as integration leaders in their community It is a 65-page document presenting learning modules and resources developed to develop skills, knowledge, and competences through non-formal and informal learning methods. It is available in 6 EU languages (EN, FR, DE, GR, HR, IT) and structured in 6 modules (interpersonal skills, assertive communication, cultural structuré, communitý empowerment, civic engagement, leadership, etc)

- to develop a training program for trainers/educators and migrant support workers working in migrant support centers that provides clear guidance and suggestions on how to address and implement training content and activities for migrant women and girls. It is a 40-page document available in 6 EU languages (EN, FR, DE, GR, HR, IT)

- to develop a toolbox containing 75 resources to support the integration of migrant women and girls and an online learning platform available in 6 languages (EN, FR, DE, HR, IT, GR)

- a policy paper to promote policy change at local, regional, national and EU levels.

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

1.      Integration Leaders Curriculum for migrant women with both face-to-face and self-learning components

2.      Digital Toolbox with Integration Resources

3.      In-service training programme for adult educators who work with migrant women.

4.      An E-learning portal and Digital Toolbox with all project resources

5.      A final project policy paper

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

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Promoter of the initiative: SUD CONCEPT

Country: France

Languages available: Croatian English French Greek Italian German

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