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Parent'R'Us - School Parent Involvement to Increase Student Achievement

Parent'R'Us - School Parent Involvement to Increase Student Achievement

Parent’r’us main aim is to support teachers increasing parents engagement in children's academic achievement and well-being at school by extending their competences throughout an innovative mentoring model approach integrated in a holistic approach.

The initiative also focus in building children well being and bonds to school: children who have close relationships with their parents & feel that they provide them with emotional support have better academic performance, fewer suspensions, & higher levels of social competence than do students without close parental relationships.

Additionally, the continuity of children’s experience across environments is greatly enhanced when parents & staff members exchange information regularly & adopt consistent approaches to socialisation, daily routines, child development & learning.

With this, the project involved the development of key resources related with mentoring as: a self-assessment tools for mentors and mentor coordinators, a training focused on mentoring for mentors and mentor coordinators, and a guide on how to effectively implement these resources in your own organization. 

Year(s): 2018 - 2021

Target group(s): 1) Teachers, educators, school leaders and other school staff; 2) Disadvantaged families (migrant parents and children, for example)

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To pursue this aim, the focus was to create a methodology in which the innovative element is the mentoring approach to support capacity building to create the holistic approach. The different stakeholders were involved in creating the new mentoring model to reduce ESL and increase academic achievement, training trainers and piloting the model with parents, teachers, school leaders (& other school staff), trainers & key-community members (as mentors).

Type of product

Online resource Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

Parent’r’us practical resources:

1.      Systematic evidence review on mentoring models to engage disadvantaged parents’ in their children schooling

2.      Self-assessment tool for mentors’ managers

3.      Self-assessment tool for mentors

4.      Mentoring to parents’ engagement: the course to train the managers

5.      Mentoring to parents’ engagements: the course to train the mentors

6.      Mentoring model for parents’ engagement at child schooling life

7.      School parent engagement awareness toolkit

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

  • Empower disadvantages families, providing them information and ideas about the impact of their engagement, and improving parenting competencies on their children schooling life, and how to help their children at home
  • To have parents fully engaged in activities towards their own social inclusion, having the main role on the process
  • A closer dialogue and sharing of experiences between, on the one hand, parent with fewer opportunities and on the other, teachers and community organizations
  • The creation of a pipeline between parents and school staff for exchange of information regularly and adopt consistent approaches
  • The creation of an environment for children’s academic achievement and well-being at school
  • On going improvement of educators’ transversal capacities and competencies

Promoter of the initiative: Asociatia Centrul de Cercetare si Formare a Universitatii de Nord Baia Mare

Country: Romania

Languages available: Dutch English Hungarian Portuguese Romanian Spanish

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