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Access Enterprise

Access Enterprise

The Access Enterprise project developed learning resources which support the professional development of new and existing Business Advisers/Educators working with people from marginalised groups.

The initiative aimed to meet this need by working with trainers and enterprise coaches in transnational cooperation to develop a targeted and coherent training methodology which was designed to help individuals currently excluded from the labour market to develop entrepreneurship skills or become self-employed. It offers them the opportunity to explore alternative to traditional routes to employment.

Access Enterprise is a transnational project as it contributes to the achievement of several EU priorities, including:

• The objectives of the European 2020 Strategy including the headline education target

• The objectives of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020)

• The promotion of European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union.

• Address the concerns of young people in employment strategies and Encourage Entrepreneurship

Year(s): 2018 - 2020

Target group(s): People who are disadvantaged based on gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion (young people, people with mental issues, people with disabilities, migrants, people from a black and minority ethnic background, migrants, people over 50, people

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Access Enterprise developed a training packages using a co-production model, where professionals and people from marginalised groups views are treated equally in the design, development, piloting and evaluations of the intellectual outputs. By creating training programmes which are truly co-produced, Access Enterprise developed resources which can be used by a range of Business Advisers/coaches and are relevant and meaningful to their work and the diverse individuals they support.

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Online resource Course / Training

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Access Enterprise outputs:

‘State of Art’ review on Entrepreneurship support for marginalized groups - a review that aimed to identify current businness start-up support provision to understand the additional training, support and information needed for Advisers to better support people from marginalized groups; to understand the barriers that people from marginalized groups face in accessing mainstream business start-up and entrepreneurship support services; and to assess the type of support and methods of delivery which empower, enable and support people from marginalized groups to develop business ideas and self-employment opportunities.

Training modules and Resources for Business Advisors / Coaches working with people from marginalized groups - the initiative offers learning resources which support the professional development of a new and existing Business Advisers/Educators working with people from marginalized groups including young people, people with mental health issues, people with disabilities, migrants, people from a BME background, people over 50, people from social deprived communities, and woman, in order to help them to access business and self-employment opportunities.

Impact and Assessment, Positional Analysis and Sustainability Report - the aim of the EU Impact and Assessment report and the Impact Assessment Toolkit. The Impact Assessment Toolkit can be used to measure the personal skills and professional impact that using the Access Enterprise Method and resources had on Entrepreneurs; to measure the personal, social and professional impact that using the Access Enterprise Method and resources will have on Business Advisers/Coaches; and to measure the development of professional competences of both Entrepreneurs/Business Advisers as part of Access Enterprise methodology.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

ACCESS ENTERPRISE complements and enhances existing training packages on social entrepreneurship by developing training modules which can be used by practitioners to promote their continuing professional development.  Business support Practitioners will be able to use the products on an on-going basis, as their own practice develops. The innovative package of resources aimed at Business Advisers and Policy Makers include: a comprehensive state of the art review, rationalizing the current demography of entrepreneurs, growth sectors, and best practice examples of support tools the views of people from marginalized groups, and existing business advisers on the current situation in relation to entrepreneurship and recommendations on how to move forward; a scheme of work, training package which supports the person centered development of businesses and entrepreneurship within marginalized people in different EU countries; 1 EU and 6 National Strategic positional analyses and sustainability reports with recommendations about how to develop tailored entrepreneurship programs for different disadvantaged groups.

Promoter of the initiative: MEH - Merseyside Expanding Horizons Limited

Country: United Kingdom

Languages available: English Greek Lithuanian Portuguese Romanian Spanish

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