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The project SOFIA - Services and Trained Operators for Integration and Reception - aims to improve the access of foreign citizens to public services through training and awareness raising activities for operators.

Aims of the project are:

> Promote the skills of public service personnel;
> Promote the innovation of organizational processes in the provision of interventions to improve the efficiency of services;
> Develop interinstitutional networks;
> Reduce conflict and the risk of discrimination and increase integration opportunities.

Year(s): 2021

Target group(s): public operators, public servants

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The SOFIA project aims to develop contents, design and produce specific tools and methodologies to be applied within the different types of training, through a participatory planning process that involves foreign citizens, second generations, operators, trainers and artists.
The contents and tools will have to respond to the elements that emerged within the two research paths carried out within the project.

Type of product

Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

Training courses and consultancy and supervision of specific cases in small groups in the socio-anthropological, legal and ethno-psychiatric fields; production of new contents and training tools resulting from a participatory research and planning process, with the involvement of service representatives and foreign citizens; experimentation of some innovative elements in services; Summer School aimed at service managers.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Development of effectiveness and quality of public services and initiativec.

Promoter of the initiative: Regione Piemonte - Osservatorio sull’Immigrazione e il diritto d’asilo

Country: Italy

Languages available: Italian

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