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 The main goal of the “Active through education” project is to improve the methods of teaching people 60+, based on proven methods of education in Europe and active ageing.

The context is in line with a new adult education priority that has been added in the revised 2020 Programme Guide: “Promoting Erasmus+ among all citizens and generations by offering activities of education and exchanges of experiences to seniors with view to building and adding solidity to the European identity”.

The partnership proposes activities that will benefit senior adult learners, especially at risk of social or digital exclusion, where educational support can improve the quality of life.

The partnership intends to address this issue by focusing on the following objectives:

– broadening the knowledge dealing with the educational needs of seniors

– exchanging, sharing and comparing good practice examples from partner countries

– examining new methods, adapting and implementing at least 1 of them in ongoing trainings

– improving the training offer and activating methods for 60+ people

– promoting lifelong learning idea among 60+ people

Year(s): Running since October 2020

Target group(s): • Adult educators and staff of organization • Senior listeners and volunteers • Organizations • Local society

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 The teaching methods practiced during the project and shared are:

– How to use the potential of non-governmental organizations and libraries in education of 60+ people

– How to use cultural classes/activities and soft skills training for the benefit of seniors – theatre of the oppressed, biographic narrative interviews, bread therapy, etc.

– How to use social media and Internet in a safe way

– Memory training and mind exercises for seniors

– Videoconferencing as a tool of communication especially in the era of pandemics

Type of product

Paper-based material Online resource Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

The project implements a practical workshops/courses for senior listeners with the result of growing their skills, develops a project website, opens a Facebook group of people interested in the topic and creates a Handbook “Collection of good practices – Active through education” with guidelines for teachers and adult educators.

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The impact on all target groups is very high, especially for teachers and educators of elderly people, due to the teaching methods used since the beginning.

The transferability of the practice is high due that it is based on the collaboration of five European organisations from Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, in the framework of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.

Promoter of the initiative: M&M Profuture Training, S.L

Country: Bulgaria Greece Poland Romania Spain

Languages available: Bulgarian Greek Polish Romanian Spanish

Website or other online channels:

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