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GrandExpertS – Training older experts to share their knowledge and create their own learning material

GrandExpertS – Training older experts to share their knowledge and create their own learning material

The GrandExpertS project aims at improving and expanding (digital) learning opportunities for older adults and enabling them to create their own multimedia enriched learning offers. The project intends to empower older adults with specific knowledge and experience to develop digital learning content by themselves. In order to best prepare them for their activities as an e-author, they have been trained and accompanied by multimedia experts and trainers in adult education.

In the frame of the project, older adults were trained to develop high-quality, innovative, and interactive ICT based courses to be shared with other seniors.

The project objectives are:

  • to improve and expand (digital) learning opportunities for older adults with Internet skills by enriching the learning offers with new contents and topics
  • to develop an innovative approach to enable seniors to create their own multimedia enriched learning offers
  • to guarantee high quality or learning materials by training the seniors in an online course
  • to facilitate access to learning opportunities through internet-based offerings and to promote interregional and European networking and cooperation among seniors

Year(s): 2017-2019

Target group(s): Elderly people as developers of digital learning materials for other seniors; Multimedia experts as trainers

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The core topics of the project are empowering older adults to become authors of their field of expertise using new technologies and developing innovative digital materials for elderly people. Digital and pedagogic competencies and the capacity to summarise and share own experiences with other peers provide a special, previously unknown opportunity to support active aging in reality. The project results include new and innovative curricula, open educational resources in the form of short online courses created by seniors on topics that affect older adults in their daily life like photography, cooking, dealing with loss etc., innovative educational methods and training courses for seniors.

Type of product

Online resource Course / Training

Brief description of the outcomes

The main outcomes of GrandExtertS are:

Online Training Course

  • for volunteers who would like to create and deliver content about their field of expertise
  • multimedia enriched with videos, interactive exercises and more
  • course covers topics inter alia writing techniques, learning with digital devices and multimedia production

Learning Management System

  • specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of older learners
  • capable for stationary and mobile use

Set of E-learning Modules

  • topics concern the everyday life of older adults across Europe
  • tested by older adults
  • freely available in various languages

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The project provides an enhanced visibility and impact of issues surrounding active aging and active citizenship, increased training offers for the third age, mutual learning among older adults, promotion of an intercultural exchange, and the improvement of digital skills through an increased use of ICT at national and European level.

Promoter of the initiative: Tulip Foundation

Country: Bulgaria Germany Ireland Netherlands Poland

Languages available: Bulgarian Dutch English Polish German

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