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Emotional Landscapes

Emotional Landscapes, curated by Mary Moynihan,  is a multi-disciplinary virtual Art Exhibition with visual images, poetry, words, music and discussion. The exhibition is inspired by an artistic response to peace, health and well-being, influences of the pandemic, and themes of health and  happiness intersecting with new borders of time and space in a changing landscape.  The exhibition features work by five artists working in visual arts, poetry, theatre and film. Smashing Times collaborated with a web developer and designer and built a new online virtual art exhibition hub where the Emotional Landscapes exhibition is currently hosted. 


Emotional Landscapes features a significant body of work from leading visual artists Noelle McAlinden and Hina Khan created in response to themes of health and well-being and influences of the pandemic. Alongside the visual artworks of Noelle and Hina, the exhibition features the writings of award-winning poet and writer  Féilim James,  writer, actor and choreographer  Fiona Bawn-Thompson, and a unique poem film  In Time written by Mary Moynihan and co-directed by Mary Moynihan and Mark Quinn. In Time is performed by Carla Ryan and Kwasie Boyce with original music composed and performed  on violin by Lisa McLoughlin-Gnemmi.

Year(s): 2020-present

Target group(s): General public: available to all citizens

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 The title for this unique virtual visual art and multi-disciplinary exhibition ‘Emotional landscapes’ was created by artist Noelle McAlinden from a series of creative conversations with writer, theatre and film-maker Mary Moynihan. The conversations continued to encompass the work of visual artist Hina Khan, violinist and composer Lisa Mc Loughlin and writer and choreographer Fiona Bawn Thompson bringing together different artists who, each in their own way, were responding to the changing emotional landscapes of our evolving world. The panel discussion for Emotional Landscapes was based on  responses to the emotional impact of Covid-19, ways to promote positive mental health and well-being and a reflection on the space that exists within and between us in a changing landscape.

Noelle McAlinden’s work is part of The Emotional Landscape Series and the recurrent personal theme of ‘the space between us’. Hina Khan’s Influences of Pandemic is an inspiring response to the current global situation we are living in.  Fiona Bawn Thompson’s One Foot Forward is an insightful of emotional turmoil and inner resilience.

In Time’ is a personal response to the changing landscape of our world today. Mary Moynihan wrote In Time after experiencing a serious form of Covid-19. 

Based on her experience, ‘In Time’ is a reacation and reflection on the impact of the virus, and looks forward to the opportunities that will once again be made available to us in time.

Shortly afterwards, the poem was transformed into a poem film, co-directed with Mark Quinn, performed by Carla Ryan and Kwasie Boyce with original music composed and performed by Lisa McLoughlin-Gnemmi. 



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'Emotional Landscapes’ is freely available to be viewed online.

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‘Emotional Landscapes’ virtual exhibition is a collection of artistic reactions to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on mental health. This exhibition has been shared with the general public, and sent directly to mental health counsellors and organisations throughout Ireland and Europe. 

Promoter of the initiative: Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality

Country: Ireland

Languages available: English

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