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Training by distance in Lega del Filo d'Oro

A continuous training plan stems from the awareness of how necessary training is to cope with the daily challenges posed by the rehabilitation, education and assistance of people with deafblindness and psychosensory impairments. Having staff (in all areas of application), increasingly trained and highly specialized is essential for taking charge of users.
With the FaD the teaching function is entrusted to the structured teaching materials of the course, in the context of a methodological programming that provides, among other things, collaborative learning methods between adults, engaged in a common training experience assisted by tutors, classroom training and in the field.
Currently, various modules are available for rehabilitation and health education staff (including new hires) that deal with various topics, such as the presentation of the Lega del Filo d'Oro, biomedical aspects of deafblindness, Covid-109 emergency, planning of educational intervention , learning techniques. Other courses are being organized.
The main advantages of the FaD are: repeatability of the course, the possibility of accessing the lesson easily and at any time of the day, according to one's personal and professional needs.

Year(s): 2021

Target group(s): The project involves the whole personnel of association: operators, professionals, volunteers, managers and administrators.

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The courses are developed according to a structured path and the related contents are available and usable in the moments and places chosen by the learner, who can follow them according to his comprehension times.
The FaD methodology is dynamic and interactive, completely different from traditional teaching, which can sometimes be “static”.

Type of product

Paper-based material Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

E-learning paths, delivered by LMS

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Acquisition of highly specific knowledge, skills and technical skills and sharing of value aspects.

Promoter of the initiative: Fondazione Lega del Filo d’Oro Onlus

Country: Italy

Languages available: Italian

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