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Romane Thana – Places of Roma and Sinti

Romane Thana – Places of Roma and Sinti

The Project is about the history and situation of Roma and Sinti in Austria from the perspective of the communities. 

The exhibition “Romane Thana - Places of Roma and Sinti” gives an insight into the past and present of Roma and Sinti in Austria. The focus of the exhibition is on eleven documentary and artistic positions by Roma and Sinti, as a counter-narrative to the prevailing and often stereotypical representation from outside.

Romane Thana is based on current life situations. They thematize History as knowledge which is necessary in order to understand the present.

The online exhibition is an exciting tour, with many useful teaching materials available for teachers and educators.  

Year(s): 2015-2017

Target group(s): schools, students, adult educators

Website or other online channels:


The teaching material was created on the basis of the exhibition “Romane Thana - Places of Roma and Sinti”, based on contributions by authors from various Roma and Sinti communities.

This is particularly relevant because depictions of Roma and Sinti for centuries came mainly from non-Roma and these were romanticizing to reality-distorting, but in any case externally determined.

 Since recognition makes an important contribution to successful integration, it is of central importance to increase the visibility of the Roma and Sinti and to give the students an awareness of antigypsyism, but also of their political power to act.  

Type of product

Online resource

Brief description of the outcomes

Virtual exhibition tour: Link to the virtual exhibition tour

The exhibition gives insights into the current living situation of Roma and Sinti in Austria and their history.


Teaching material: Link to the teaching material

The teaching material should enable an intensified examination of the history and the current living situation of Roma and Sinti in the Austrian school system.

The individual exhibition chapters contain the approach to teaching with exercises and worksheets as well as selected lesson plans.

There are six subject areas offered in the area of ​​teaching material:

1.     Methods of attitudes, ideas, representations and identities

2.     Working with written sources

3.     Working with image sources

4.     Film-Screening

5.     Biographical approach

6.     Dealing with music


Lesson plan: Link to the lesson plan

 The lesson plan provides suggestions for the design of teaching units.  

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

The project offers teachers numerous suggestions for implementing the topic in the classroom and aims to raise awareness of the centuries of discrimination against Roma and Sinti and to help reduce prejudice.

Most of the materials offered and the topics covered are suitable for schoolchildren.

But there is also a need for more awareness of Roma and Sinti among adults. So some of the teaching material can also be used in adapted form for people who work in adult education.

Especially the virtual exhibition tour can be used to gain more information about the history and the current living situation of Roma and Sinti.

 Therefore the project has a potential of transferability especially to improve the skills of educators working with Roma and Sinti.  

Promoter of the initiative: Romano Centro - Verein für Roma (Organization for Roma)

Country: Austria

Languages available: German

Website or other online channels:

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