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MIKA: Migration - Kompetenz - Alphabetisierung

MIKA: Migration - Kompetenz - Alphabetisierung

The MIKA project is aimed to pursue the goal of professionalizing education throughout Austria for basic education professionals (“basic skills teachers”) in the migration society.

The idea is to see basic education not as an educational, but rather an emancipatory task. They aim that learners find opportunities to shape their own learning process as independently as possible and to be able to critically deal with social norms and ideas in a reciprocal dialogue. 

They developed:

  • Educational and professional development programs
  • New materials for basic adult education  

Year(s): 2008-2018

Target group(s): Basic education professionals “basic skills teachers” in the migration society

Website or other online channels:


The project developed and designed basic education offers in a dialogical process with learners in order to enable learning on both sides and to expand one's own understanding of interpretation and action patterns. They encouraged teachers and learners to take a differentiated look at the possibilities of social action and coexistence.

This means recognizing that everyone has prejudices which may also affect our educational professionalism. The point is to become aware of your own and related images and actions and to systematically and critically reflect on pedagogical practice.

It is about continuously critically examining one's own cultural character, one's own value orientations and norms, the design of one's own teaching and the attitude towards learners and social structures.  

Type of product

Online resource Collection of methods and materials

Brief description of the outcomes

They project website provides a collection of methods and material. They enriched this collection with suggestions for new materials, focusing on learners without writing skills and with little German language competences.

There are materials for download, materials to use online, materials for DIY, audio-files, mobile apps and online dictionaries. 

The materials are in German only and are licensed in different ways. Most of them (but not all) are explicitly published under a creative commons-license. Please doublecheck the license and stick to the copyright carefully when using the material!

Selected materials and methods (especially for feedback by learners) were pilot-tested in 2017 by several network partners.


You can find information about the training programs here: training programs

You can find the website with teaching material here: teaching material

 You can find the brochure about the project here: brochure  

Impact on target groups / Transferability potential

Actors in basic education who work with migrants benefit from this project because it provides:

  • An emancipatory access to the field of basic education
  • A self-determined learning process with the possibility to critically deal with social norms and ideas in a mutual dialogue
  • A differentiated look for teachers and learners at the possibilities of social action and coexistence
  • A possibility to expand interpretation and action patterns
  • A continuous critical examination one's own cultural character, one's own value orientations and norms
  • A critical examination with the design of one's own teaching and the attitude towards learners and social structures

 With the pool of online teaching material, it is easy to use and adapt for educators in basic education with adults.  

Promoter of the initiative: Coordination: Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH /

Country: Austria

Languages available: English German

Website or other online channels:


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